Undergraduate Degree Courses

Undergraduate Degree Courses – BA/BSc Programs

UK undergraduate degree courses for International Students.

There are more than 50,001 undergraduate or BA/BSc courses provided by hundreds of universities and higher education institutions in the UK to both national and international students. However, non-EU students do need a student visa as part of the puzzle. The competition for some courses and study centres are fiercely fought for by some of the best students from their respective countries. Finding and choosing the right course can be a daunting challenge. Reasons being that, there will be courses, combinations and or subjects you have never even heard of. This is one other way Uni Admissions can help you and at no cost to you.

As an international student prospecting to study in any of the universities, colleges or higher education in the UK, you are likely to have a bundle of questions. Whatever your concerns, we are here to help you sail through the admissions and visa processes. We are always happy to be of help.

It does not matter which of the UK institutions we work with, both undergraduate courses and programmes in the UK are world-class, informed by seasoned thought-leaders, lecturers with industry experience and renowned academic researchers harnessing the latest innovative research and feeding students with skills and knowledge wanted by employers. It does not matter whether you are studying for a BA or BSc program, UK universities have world-class quality assurance. An undergraduate degree from any UK university we work with is an academic qualification with worldwide recognition and is highly respected.

What are the UK undergraduate degree entry requirements

Undergraduate degree courses and programmes in the United Kingdom means you are prepared to reach the entry requirements set by each university, college or institution.

Most UK bachelor’s degrees ask for 2 A level at the minimum at grade E or above plus English and Maths. However, Access and Pathway courses will provide the required access including other NVQs. All International students are required to take a Ukvi authorised English course and translate any documents not in English into English using official channels found in your home country. Here is the entry requirement list below

  • Access and Pathway Qualifications
  • 2 A Levels
  • Maths and English
  • GNVQs
  • BTEC
  • Mature student*
  • Personal statement
  • Reference letter
  • et al

The UK University and College Admissions (UCAS) operates a system that is supported by the government known as the “UCAS Tarif”. Different institutions and courses will ask for a diversified number of points whereas, with the UCAS Tariff, your previous qualifications are taken into consideration and can earn points on the scheme, help you get a place in a university of your chosen and or course.

UK universities have a heritage that is rooted in the spectacular university experience and undergraduate courses for international students. Both universities provide and create opportunities, within and without the campuses like student placements and work experiences aimed at nurturing you to grow personally, academically and professionally.

We have a massive selection of courses to choose from as we work with a range of universities in the United Kingdom.

Applying for a place in any UK university or higher education institution as an international student requires time. Your best approach is to work with us and apply for a position one year in advance if/where applicable. There are various deadlines to take into account and some universities have different dates for the start and end of application processes.

Again, you may not require academic qualifications to study in higher education in the United Kingdom. Many universities, colleges and higher learning institutions accept work and life experiences in place of formal qualifications. The same applies to access, foundation and or pathway courses.

As an International student studying and living in the UK, a higher education qualification from any UK university can increase your earning potential, set your CV on fire, create a wider range of opportunities,

What are the undergraduate UCAS application deadlines?

Studies in the UK at this level of education are handled by a specialist organisation called UCAS. All undergraduate applications are registered through this platform and it is important that you take into account important deadlines for making applications to UCAS.

  • June 30th – Final deadline for late applications
  • September 1st – Applications are open for the following year
  • 15th October – Oxford & Cambridge application deadlines
  • 19th October – through “Clearing”
  • 15th January – Majority of UK courses
  • 24/7 – International students should keep applying through us
  • Note – Some courses may start between January and May as compared to the typical dates of September and October.

How are UK degrees assessed?

Generally speaking, bachelor’s degrees in the UK come with a mix of assignments, tests and exams. However, different universities and courses will assess you using internal measures as a yardstick or simply different from the rest. Even though dissertations are mostly written by master’s students, some undergraduate courses and universities do ask or require a written dissertation that you submit at the end of the course.

UK undergraduate degrees are classified under the following classes

  • First
  • Upper Second class (2.10
  • Lower Class (2.2)
  • Third
  • Pass
  • Fail

To graduate from any university course, you will need either a third or above to call yourself a degree holder. If you intend to study for Masters/Ph.D., the grades you score then become very important. However, a third will get you into many master’s courses but it cannot get you a place studying on a PhD programme.

What happens after you have finished studying for an undergraduate degree?

As one will imagine, most International graduates use their degrees to get lucrative and well-paid jobs. UK qualifications are highly respected around the world at large. Also, if you are not happy with your grades, there is an appeals procedure to follow in your college or university. Postgraduate courses including higher national certificates and diplomas require that you hold a first degree. You could also move on to study at a postgraduate level that leads to a Ph.D.

What should you do now?

Contact us to register your interest by filling the form below. We are placing international students at various institutions in the UK and other parts of the world on a daily basis. As you already know, there is fierce competition for university education in the UK. With some universities and institutions, you might have to register your interest two years in advance. Don’t forget, we are British council certified education consultants.

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