Studying For A Masters

Why Should International Students Study on a Masters Degree Programme in the United Kingdom?

Postgraduate studies or studying for one in the UK can become a very demanding task but more affordable than at many renowned developed nations. You have to make a considerable amount of investments in terms of money and time. But one thing is very clear about studying for a master’s course anywhere in the United Kingdom and that is; the course challenges the student’s intellect, academic ability, rigor, and self-management. It is therefore very important to try and get the right course or the right institution. However, we will be looking at some of the factors that contribute to the UK being the best place to study for millions of people from all works and countries of the world.

What are the benefits of studying for a certificate, diploma or degree in the United Kingdom?

The reasons why many academics decide to study in the UK include the following:

  1. High quality education
  2. World class reputation
  3. High reputation for highest quality of certificates and degrees worldwide
  4. Joining a new career
  5. Passionate about a particular subject/course
  6. Switching careers
  7. Specialising in becoming a subject specialist
  8. Developing research skills
  9. Progressing further with career aspirations
  10. Entry into a new profession et al.

Professional and successful counselling for prospective postgraduate students in the UK requires expert knowledge of the range, type, and variety of educational courses available at the postgraduate level. This is where educational experts certified by the British Council come in. As certified British Council educational consultants, we are able to pinpoint each individual students’ requirements, taking into account their past educational attainments and all the resources available to them

Enrolling in a premasters or foundation or access and or pathway master’s courses have become very common and aimed at the following;

  • People who did their degrees years ago and want to refresh their study and research skills
  • People who did their first degrees outside of the UK and now want to come and study at a master’s level in the UK
  • People interested in augmenting their English language skills to the level of master’s degree studies
  • People wanting to gain a deeper subject knowledge for a particular Master’s degree programme

Normally, it should take between 6 and 9 months and or 1-3 academic terms to complete the course depending on the students’ level of spoken and written grammar. However, some of these programs are designed specifically for MBA prospective students or those studying for specialist qualifications. Successful completion of either of these pre-masters courses or programmes should guarantee your entry to a master’s course with the very same institution.

Also, I will advise you to take into consideration the fact that some universities in the UK offer a two years masters’ programme, i.e, one year of a master’s degree studies in the UK and the other in another country. Successful completion to the satisfaction of the university provides or comes with two (2) distinct master’s degree courses.

All UK masters’ degree courses as a progression route, from certificate to diploma level and finally the degree. Both qualifications are internationally recognised and respected.

Many international students come to the United Kingdom to study for postgraduate certificates and postgraduate diplomas, available with almost all UK Master’s degree studies. The titles in the Diploma and Certificates usually indicate the actual specialisation, e.g. Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

You may be one of those students who studied Geography without Economics or Commerce and now want to become a nurse in the UK NHS or simply to gain the qualification. The good news is that, in the UK, there are “Conversion Courses” for people like you. Again, pre-masters, Access and Foundation programmes could also come in handy at times of need.

It is also worthwhile mentioning that some postgraduate degree courses may lead to vocational and professional postgraduate qualifications with worldwide recognition. These courses may include Construction, Dental, Medical, Marketing, HR, Sales et al. Many students choose to study in the UK because of the quality of their degrees and the shorter time it takes to finish a master’s degree program.



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