UK scholarships for International students

Top UK Scholarship Programs for International Students in the UK

Have you ever wanted to study in the UK and something is quietly holding you down? As a UK international student, you are likely to benefit three or more things when you study in the UK and namely; scholarships, world-class qualifications, career development and a multicultural experience. You could easily fund your studies in the UK with help from grants, scholarships, financial awards, bursaries and fellowships just to name a few.

International students studying in any UK university will tell you, studying abroad especially in the west does not come cheap. Even though the UK’s educational qualifications are highly respected in all industries the world over, there are that many universities you will probably need the assistance of a british council certified international student agent and administrator. The UK is home to some of the oldest universities and institutions of higher learning with more than 150 institutions. The truth is that some of these institutions do have internal scholarship systems for students already enrolled with them and those interested in joining them.

There are no lies to be told. At a time when the UK economy’s in trouble, you will definitely need a sizeable bank account with rocks and not stones if you were to reach your coveted educational goal. With air tickets and the standard of living prices going up, consider the costs of your medical surcharge, insurance, travel in the UK, visa and tuition by institution to arrive at approximately how much you will need to study in the UK. Are we saying the UK is only for the rich? Absolutely not, there are institutions and charitable organisations out there whose interest is in those from developing countries who cannot afford to study in the UK.

So, whether your plan is to study in 2020 or 2021, I can assure you that there are opportunities for everyone. Irrespective of whether you can afford all or part of the tuition and living costs, there is help out there for you. Do just give up on your UK study dream. There are many ways and opportunities to get help with funding for international students, be it part or whole. Research is the best approach because it will lead you to where you can get funding or part funding for your UK studies. Not every student has the opportunity to fund their education without a bit of external help and that is a gap filled by scholarships.

Sources of scholarship and financial support for International students

There are myriad sources of financial support for prospective international students and the UK government tops the list with hundreds of scholarships, grants and bursary opportunities for international students. Visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs to learn more about what is currently available. We know that part of studying in the UK means no recourse to public funds. However, student support is not considered “public funds” as defined under UK immigration rules. Student support can be applied by any international student without fear circumventing the law if you have the right of abode.

Postgraduate studies is the most highly funded level of study. You can get fully funded postgraduate studentship from lots of universities in the UK. There are specialist websites for postgraduate funding like Prospect and Postgraduate studentship. You may also find out more about Masters level scholarships by visiting individual university websites for more information.

As we all know EU students are considered the same as UK home grown students. With Brexit next door, funding organisations and charities in the UK have reassured prospective EU students that there will be the continuation of student finance available to them irrespective of whether the UK stays or leaves the European Union. EU students pay the same tuition fees as UK students.

List of Scholarships Institutions in the UK

The list of sources of scholarships for International students below highlights which country student is eligible for scholarship. Some are for specific countries and or subjects while others cover a wide variety of areas and specialisation. Normally, scholarships are always very limited and designed for specific target groups though the competition is always fierce, it appears better grades and individual circumstances are the top criteria used is selecting successful applicants.

  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan – This scholarship is particularly open to students from commonwealth countries. The programme is open to both Masters and PhD level education in the UK or via online/distance learning. Only apply to this programme if you are from a commonwealth country.
  • Chevening Scholarships – Chevening scholarships are open to mid-career professionals in positions of influence with an interest in augmenting knowledge and developing networks. This opportunity is available only to selected counties. Check your eligibility.
  • A.S Hornby Trust Scholarship – A.S. Hornby Trust is a charity interested in sponsoring non-UK experienced English Language Teachers to study on a one year English course at a Masters Level at the University of Warwick. Note: Warwick is one of the top universities in the UK. This scholarship is open only to DAC membership countries.
  • Scottish Saltire Scholarship – This is a joint operation between the Scottish Government and universities in Scotland covering renewable and clean energy, science and technology, healthcare and medical science, including the creative industry. Open to applicants who are likely to become influential leaders in the communities and specifically those from India, Canada, USA, Pakistan, Hong Kong and China.
  • Marshall Scholarship – The marshall scholarship programme targets young Americans interested in studying in the UK and available at Masters and Doctorate level of education.
  • Young Cell Scheme – This scholarship program is open to students from Kosovo studying or wanting to study in any European Union country.
  • Charles Wallace Pakistan Scholarship – Helping Pakistani students pursue doctorate levels of education and research. It is also open to visiting fellows and Scottish Summer Schools.
  • Euraxess UK – This programme is open to anyone with an interest in research. Anyone can apply and you are free to study in the UK or elsewhere. It is managed by the British Council and comes with a free funding database and job search tool.
  • Newton Fund PhD Call India – Open only to Indian and UK nationals and or permanent residents of these countries. Two to four months of educational exchanges in either of the countries.
  • Royal Society Grants – The Royal Society Grants are open to those interested in research, industry fellowships, international exchanges and Entrepreneurs in residence. Anyone can apply to this program from any part of the world.

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