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Online and distance learning is at its peak in the UK and other developed nations. The UK educational system has many forms of online and distance learning opportunities. However, the most popular methods of distance learning, approaches, models and the range of courses may differ from one nation to nation. But one thing is common: the UK educational system has a rigorous quality assurance system in place to guarantee the consistency of UK courses delivered in any part of the world.

With distance or online learning programmes in the UK, tutorials or classes might take place online using the readily available forums, email, blogs, Zoom, social media or instant messaging. Some institutions and courses deploy virtual lectures and online seminars with the possibility for students to interact using webcam and voice. Prior to the start of the course, course materials will be delivered to respective students in the form of CD, print or Online downloads. UK distanced learning courses are ideal for part-time students but can also be studied by those interested in full time and are self-disciplined to ensure their work or assignments are completed and submitted on time.

How online education works in the UK

Distanced and online education programs can be delivered without the need for face-to-face teaching or tutorial support. All study materials and deliverables, tutorial support and peer interaction take place through the Internet using specialist tools or online learning environments. All courses are designed to have significant levels of support both online degrees and professional programmes alike. Support comes in the form of emails, assignments, phones, debates and virtual tutorials, resulting in very high retention rates.

Studying With The Open University From Another Country

The Open University is available to almost every single country except in China for various political and regulatory reasons. With Openplus, any International student can start to study part-time with the Open University through what we call “supported learning”. Some courses call for you to attend short residential schools in the United Kingdom. With these open university courses, a student will normally finish his/her online degree in two years as a full time student at their chosen university partner.

Distance learning is not only about degrees and professional programmes. You can also study for your GCSEs, A Levels and professional programmes using our distance learning study programmes from any part of the globe. There are ample opportunities with NEC to study for these programmes with tutor support provided via the Internet

In-Country Distance Learning Delivery Programmes In The UK

In-country distance learning delivery programmes are educational programmes offering face to face distanced delivery educational programmes. The tuition is either delivered by a local partner in your country in collaboration or by a branch of a UK campus in your country. The level of UK input into the programmes vary by institution but the QAA is there to make sure the learning materials are of the same quality as those offered in the UK.

However, the majority of the teaching is delivered by locally based tutors and in some cases supported by UK teaching staff and or lecturers. The local partner is only concerned with the course delivery while the UK institution is responsible for course design, monitoring academic standards and awarding the final qualification. Let’s take a look at various forms of UK distance learning and delivery.

Twinning Programs

What is a twinning programme? Very straightforward. UK universities and Higher Education centres work with local partners in all parts of the world. The local partner teaches or delivers part of the course designed by a UK university using their own local staff. The course starts in the student country and finally ends up in the UK to complete the programme. The combination types are as follows;

  • 1+2 – The first years of the academic course or programme is delivered overseas and the final two years in the respective UK institution if studying for a bachelor’s programme.
  • 2+2 – The foundation year of the programme and the first year of the degree programme are delivered overseas and the remaining two years accomplished in the UK with the respective institution.
  • 3+0 – The study programme is delivered in its entirety by a local provider in partnership but without involving any period of study time in the United Kingdom

In conclusion, a UK university provides course materials to a local delivery partner as a Franchise or accepts to validate partners own course curriculum as an alternative. However, the local partner is responsible for the delivery of the material unless or otherwise stated while in most cases the UK institution is responsible for quality controls in the areas of; monitoring academic standards and awarding the final qualifications.

Branch Campus

A UK university or Further/higher Education creates a campus internationally on another site. Course lecturers and staff may be recruited locally or from the UK but they must be existing staff members of the organisation or suitably recruited for that purpose. In this case, the UK university takes full responsibility for delivering the course and all academic matters.

Dual Awards

A UK Institution of Higher or Further Education works with local providers as a joint venture in designing and delivering the course of study leading to a joint or double award. This type of program, normally both parties have equal rights and status allowing them to provide programmes leading to individual or separate academic awards. Single awards are also available made by individual institutions.

If you are interested in studying for an online or distance learning qualification, we are your educational partners certified by the British Council. Whether you want to study at a UK institution locally or travel to the UK to study, we are here to help and our work is FREE in many cases

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