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How To Study As A Mature Student In The UK

Mature students in the UK

University For International Mature Students

Mature students in the UK can attend university without formal academic qualifications. Every academic year, thousands of mature UK and international students attend university or college without any formal qualifications. Developing new skills and maximizing employability opportunities is an approach currently embraced by both human beings. We are going to highlight all that you as an International student without formal academic qualifications can do to become a university student

Who Is A Mature Student?

A mature student is someone who has been away from education and eventually returns to start university or higher education at 21 years or above and more often without formal academic qualifications. Mature student is also used to describe an individual who is 25 years old or above and attending a postgraduate course or programme. However, the real sense is simply to depict someone above 21yrs and starting university irrespective of whether the he/she has formal qualifications or not. The reality is that most students attending university are below 21 years old, with 1/3 UK students being mature students from across the entire globe.

Students with fewer or without formal qualifications wanting to return to university may have to enrol on an access or pathway course. They may also use relevant work or life experiences to gain entry to a university in the UK. You may also find students returning to study a postgraduate or graduate in a new subject or field as part of their career ambitions and or aspirations. If having been away from education for a very long period, they may be asked to enrol on a conversion course instead.

Reasons Mature Students Study At University

Studying as a mature student in the United Kingdom can be either exciting or daunting depending on the individual. Firstly, you will need to decide if you are going in for full time or part-time and where and what to study are some of the things to consider. University studies require a firm commitment so considering your current situation or commitments will help you to determine if university is or HE is actually for you. This makes starting university as a mature student a straightforward process.

Reasons wanting to enrol in a university course as a mature student may include but not limited to the following;

  • Change of career direction
  • Explore an interesting or career reward
  • Explode your career’s earnings
  • Learn new skills
  • Professional progression
  • Turn an interest into something more
  • Taking a second chance

Support for Mature Students in the United Kingdom

Mature students studying in various UK universities and institutions of higher learning are usually constantly monitored and supported by their respective universities in many aspects. However, the support is variant based on each individual need.

But there is help for all students while on campus and we’re here to help the International student community and better placed to provide all with accurate information that is timely and at no charge to you. There is also support from mature student’s union and specialised staff members including other networks within the country.

How To Enrol On Access or Pathway Courses As A Mature Student?

All UK universities have entry requirements and all prospective international students will have to meet those conditions. It is normal to expect universities to request proof of your ability to fund and study at the level you are applying for.

As a mature student, if you have left school with qualifications and this is a long time ago or you can show relevant industry experience and or work history, either of these will work in your favour. A good number of UK higher learning institutions don’t put too much pressure on having traditional educational qualifications and are always pleased to welcome applications from applicants holding either work experiences, professional qualifications, open university credits, and or pathway course credits.

Pathways or access courses are for students without formal qualifications or those who have been away from studying for a very long time or those wanting to change career paths. Pathways and access courses are therefore designed and implemented to help prepare you for studies at higher education or university level. It may also be to help you achieve the required entry qualifications into your desired course of study



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