International Student Fees

Are You An International Student Looking to Study in a UK University?

International students fees in the UK

The United Kingdom is a major destination for international students interested in a quality of education that is world-leading in terms of its originality, rigour, and significance. I hope you can see why the UK is home to some top world-class institutions known for its cultural diversity and quality of education that is internationally excellent. However, it comes at a cost to International students.

However, note that in the UK, the tuition fee considers where you are a home student or International student. But mostly with public-funded institutions of higher education. So, a lower tuition fee for home and EU students and a higher fee for International students. Within the private sector, there is a levelled playing field when it comes to tuition. Everyone pays the same. Again, whether you pay home or international student tuition fees depends on your personal circumstances as an individual.

The level and type of HE tuition fees are determined by the UK government and this is provided in regulations and guidance. Each country within the United Kingdom and each university may have a different fee structure. Again, it will also depend on whether you are studying at Further Education or Higher Education. Tuition fees for both vary significantly because of the level of studies.

UK Fees For International Students

Well, if you are like thousands of students who flock to the UK on a yearly basis for academic purposes, then you do need updated information on the fee structures available covering the whole of the UK.

With tuition fees for International students studying at UK universities starting at approximately £3500 to £39.000 for those on further education and the max seen here for those in medicine, many universities will charge international students up to £18,000 per annum for undergraduate degrees. As we all know, the reputation of a brand will eventually drive up its consumption and eventually costs – demand. Branded UK universities come at a cost, but you have guaranteed quality that is recognised worldwide in terms of originality, significance and rigour. If I am honest, some UK universities will charge you less than £10,000 per academic year. Speak to us if you are interested

International postgraduate student tuition fees in the UK start at just £5000 and eventually skyrocketing up to £39,000 depending on the course of study, with some medical degrees racking in as much £47,100 and MBAs priced at up to £57.200. However, the majority of universities and higher education institutions charge their postgraduate degrees between £12,000 and £21,000.

As you have seen, tuition fees vary by location, level of study, course and or institution. This makes it difficult if not impossible to answer the question; “what is the cost of tuition for International students”?.

Most UK universities and higher education institutions will ask you to provide information about family circumstances and yourself to help them determine if you qualify for any assistance and if you meet one of the criteria for home student fees. Their decision will be based on the documents you have presented.

Note that even if you, they call you an International student and eventually you pay foreign student tuition fees, your status could change while you have taken on the course. If this is the case, depending on the circumstances, you could be eligible for the home/EU tuition fee levy.

UK Living Expenses for International Students

That is right. We are not done yet. What about living expenses, travel, personal lifestyle? It is important to note that, international students studying in London must show proof of living costs at £1,265 per month for a minimum of 9 months. Whereas those studying away from London must show the same proof at £1,011 per month for 9 months also. Also, if you are in the medical sector, then some clinical and or laboratory practical tests may come at an extra cost. Depending on your educational goals, comes the costs. Speak to us if you need help.



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