UK Government Supports International Students During Corona

Corona Virus information for international students residing and studying in the United Kingdom.

The UK government has put everything in place to support international students during the corona-virus pandemic. The top priorities for this government are the wellbeing, health and safety of all international students genuinely studying in UK universities. All international students are advised to seek immediate help from their respective universities and at the same time, the government has curtailed the health surcharge fees for the time being.

Some schools, colleges and universities will be moving to online education in the UK for the time being due to the coronavirus pandemic. Each institution in the UK is obliged to keep its students well-informed regarding what to expect or what the best way forward is for your education and care. Staff at your personal institution should be in a position to provide all the information needed regarding your onward studies.

As is the case in the UK, international students who decide not to live in student hostels may have to share a home with someone who is neither a family member. This can be quite frustrating to some students. The general advice is that, if you are living in a shared accommodation and for some reason you feel your life is at risk of contaminating the coronavirus, make contact with staff at your university with responsibilities for International student support. If you feel the accommodation has eventually become contaminated and you do not have anywhere to stay or everyone has moved out and you are alone in the property, talk to support staff for international students. They will help and make sure you are safe and with somewhere to live or stay.

For those starting UK educational courses and or programmes in 2020, the coronavirus has led to uncertainty but the UK government and the bodies with responsibilities for international education have done everything positive by making sure international students can continue to come to study in this country. This is part of the assurance given to international students currently in the UK and those aspiring.

There have been major changes and adoptions taken to fix the coronavirus-stiken student admissions and visa services. All in favour of international students. For example, international students do not have to pay hospital surcharge fees until further notice if such a student was admitted for coronavirus illnesses.

It should also be noted that as part of changes to support international students, some university courses allow the students to start studying from their own country before finally moving to the UK to accomplish the course. This could either be in the form of full fledge online learning or a mixture of distance and online learning approaches.

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