Affordable Fast Track Student Services for International students

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Dealing with university applications is a time-consuming and challenging process specifically for International students. With many universities in the UK, we have created fast-track University Admissions to help international and national prospective students gain guaranteed university admissions with many universities in the UK. This service does the hard bit for you with a guaranteed placement or admission. Our fast-track university admissions take into consideration the following:

  1. Further Education (GCSE, A-Levels, Baccalaureate, City & Guilds, ACA, NVQ, All chartered institute courses)
  2. English Language courses
  3. Foundation and Access courses
  4. Higher National Certificates/Diplomas
  5. BA/BSc Courses
  6. MA, MSc and MBA courses
  7. Ph.D./Doctoral Programs

Let me provide you with details of what to expect from our FastTrack Uni Admissions and Visa Services. Perhaps you are not aware of what is required to gain university admission, we are here to help and with this service, we guarantee a University offer. The work involved with fast-tracking admissions includes but is not limited to;

  • private consultation on your UK and international educational goals and career objectives
  • Assistance with the creation & submission of professional timely applications to 3 universities of your choice
  • Editing of your personal statement
  • Assist you with making applications to various universities for a place or academic programme
  • Help with spouse visa application
  • Help with personal statements
  • Assistance with student visa application & counselling
  • More

We charge a fixed amount for all international and or national students. For all International Students, we charge £1500.00 and UK nationals £500.00 respectively. You will be given the opportunity of choosing between 3 highly respected top universities. 

Fast Tracking Qualifications

This is a straightforward process. However, we do have a couple of conditions for you to meet to qualify. There are 3 important qualifications expected from every client and namely;

  1. Hold an excellent if not better grades (“As” and “Bs”)
  2. Hold a satisfactory bank statement (Covers Tuition & Living standards for 1 yr.)
  3. Willingness to become a high achiever/earner
  4. Your certificates are in English or officially translated
  5. You will need to have passed the approved English language test or about to take one
  6. Hold the right entry qualifications
  7. Hold the correct tuition and living costs for one year

From at least 3 intuitions, we are happy to guarantee one offer from any of the institutions and that is our contract with you. Fast-tracking in this sense, therefore, means that we will do our best to make sure your university applications are dealt with as a priority in every sense. Part of our fast-tracking university and/or college admissions means your application will be at the top of the list and seen before normal applications in our office.

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