Some Frequently Asked Questions About Studying And Living In The United Kingdom

Learn from previously asked questions in case you have any doubts or calls for concern. We have covered some very pertinent FAQs that were asked by prospective International students with a vested interest in the UK education ecosystem.

Learning and Education

Is there free education in the UK
Education is free only for 0-16 yr olds but depending on independent household viability. However, about 94% of UK pupils receive free education through public funds
Is there free healthcare?
Free health care is only for UK residents. However, with recent changes to the law, as a result of Coronavirus pandemic, the prime minister recently offered free health for all. However, the situation may soon change. Before the arrival of CoronaVirus, International students had to foot their medical health care bills.
How good is the UK education systems as compared to the rest of developed countries?
The UK remains the No 1 destination for International students and this was proven in 2009 when the UK scooped the 1st spot for the No1 country for education. The USA, Canada and Germany have always come after the UK according to US News and World Report
What does the UK rank in education?
Currently, overall the UK ranks 14th on some subjects and 1st also on many fronts. So, if we were to consider the data, our priority would be subject-based.
Which is best, UK or USA education?
It depends and I am going to answer this question from another front. UK state schools are better funded while US schools are absolutely more accessible. However, Pearson Education ranks UK education system as superior on overall classifications.
Is it harder to pass exams in the UK compared to the USA
Honestly, there is no much difference. We have both countries on a 50/50 scale. But there is one thing I am proud about the UK, they have a wonderful teaching experience for all students
What are UK University entry requirements?
To become a UK students means fulfilling a couple of requirements. If you are looking for direct university entry, you will need to have A-levels or its equivalents plus an English language qualification, fees, money to cover cost of living, A letter from a university for that purpose if you are looking for a BA/BSc degrees etc. Masters and research students have different routes and English is neither a prerequisite. Speak to us about this topic if you are genuinely wanting to come and study in the UK.
How long can international students live and work in the UK after graduation?
Under new roles, International students studying in any UK university can stay up to two years after graduation. The reason is simply to find work and work for up to 2 yrs. This schemes starts in 2020 going forward.
Can I get a permanent residence after finishing my UK studies?
To get a permanent residency, your primary focus is to demonstrate a stable income and a permanent full time job. So as a student, you can apply for 2 years stay, then 5 years and after that, you will be able to apply for a permanent residency
Can I travel with my spouse?
Certainly, yes. However, you will have to travel and your wife will follow soon. There is a visa called Spouse or family visa for that purpose
Can I change my university course along the way?
Yes, you can but the law has changed for International students. As an international student, you may change your course but not one lower than the one you previously studied.
What happens if i fall sick during this Coronavirus pandemic?
In the past, you would have to pay. However, at the moment, international students are not being charged for medical bills. If you are sick or fall sick, seek medical help

Financial Matters

What is the cost of Studying in the UK
In recent years, the cost of studying in the UK has seen a steady rise. UK home students are paying something in the level of £9, 250 while International students pay on average depending on the course and location of the University in the area £10,000 to £38,000 for lecture based courses and more top UK medical schools.At postgraduate level of studies, fees for International students are between £10,000 & £32,000. For research and laboratory-based learning, expect to pay between £12,000 & £27,000 per year. Again, there are scholarships for students already enrolled in many universities. Speak to us if you need help. We will not charge you
Do I have to pay fees for 3 years of study in one go?
You are required to show proof of fees for one year and the cost of living expense for one year if you are studying for a full time degree course.
How much do i need for living costs
You need a minimum of £1,1015 on a monthly basis if you study outside from London. But if you live and study in the London metropolitan area, we expect you have a minimum of £1,265 on a monthly basis covering up to 9 months.
How much does it cost to rent a student accommodation in the UK?
There are many types of student accommodations in the UK. You Halls of Residence (Owned by individual universities), private landlords and student associations. It also depends on the city on where your course is based. On average, you can expect to pay for a single room in the region of £110 to £250 per week depending on the type and location. Also expect to spend on average between £70 -£100 on bills such as gas, electricity and water if not included in your weekly rents.
How much money do International students and their spouses or dependants spend in the UK?
A new study shows that a whopping £3.2 billion will be spent by students in the next coming 10 years. We are talking about income tax and national insurance payments.
Can I get a scholarship if I am not a UK home student?
Yes, while you study in the UK, there are scholarship programmes aimed at International Students and some particularly targeted to various students from specific countries around the world.
DO I have to prove to the visa officer I have paid my tuition fees when I deposit for a visa?
Yes, having paid part of fee (1 year) is part and parcel to the visa requirements for International student. However, you will also need to evidence your fitness to live and study in the UK for 9 months.
What is the average cost of living in the UK for International students?
The average cost of living in the UK for International students is about £15,000 a year for students studying in London. Those studying outside of London should be looking at £12,000 per year.
Can Interntional Students in the UK get
As an International student, you are not qualified for UK government student loan which is normally for local and EU students. However, for USA students, if they are studying abroad for 9 months or 1 year, they can apply for "Study Abroad Loan". But if you plan to study for a full university degree, you can apply for foreign enrolled loans as a USA student. Also, individual countries may have different schemes for something of this nature.
Can I have student finance if i am an international student?
Absolutely not. That is not happening at all.
How much tuition should i pay in one single go?
According to current UK law, you are expected to pay upfront tuition for one year. However, it would be nice if you paid all at once covering 3 years if you are an undergraduate student.
How much is university tuition in the UK
Each university has the right to determine how much to tax their students. However, the cheapest UK tuition fee will stand in the region of £8000 per year.


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