Discover why you need a UK boarding school

UK boarding schools

why use a UK boarding school for your child or children?

Discover why you will need a boarding school in the UK. Many UK private and tutorial colleges are at the top of league tables for GCSEs, Scottish qualifications and Advanced level courses. More than 90% of the students end up in a university. It means students who attend good private and independent schools are likely to be guaranteed a place at their chosen university in the UK.

UK private schools and boarding colleges to be specialists in preparing students for university life by offering foundation and A level courses including but not limited to International Baccalaureate. There is individual tuition and plus the size of the classes are small, students are treated as mature, no uniforms and the tutorials are less formal as with other colleges.

At the same time, you will find many colleges that offer the same courses. You can study in an international private, independent or tutorial college from the ages of 7, 11, 13 or 16 and we welcome applications and applicants from all over the world. Any pupil studying and living in the UK from outside the country is provided with a guardian who acts as a parent/guardian and should if such is 18 years or below. Also, homestay is handy and has always been to cater to the needs of these target audiences.

Again, when you work with us, we make sure you get admission into either of the universities of your choice. However, you have to apply a year in advance. Many well-known schools are booked up years beforehand.

Courses to Study include;

  • General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), 
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), 
  • A-level, Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE),
  • International Baccalaureate (IB).
  • Cambridge pre-university assessment
  • English
  • International Foundation/Pathway programmes
  • Vocational qualifications
  • Vocational GCSEs

Independent schools are very traditional from the concept with a general focus on general education and qualifications that are normally studied for by students up to the ages of 18 in a more formal atmosphere and with a dream to find a suitable university admission. Whereas, colleges provide a wide or diversified range of courses for the upper end of the same age group covering such as higher education pathways, access courses, vocational education within an informal and adult setting.

Some Independent schools have learned to encourage and foster traditional values. It means pushing students to work hard and take pride in the work they do, become well behaved, have respect for others and mature into responsible adults ready and willing to contribute to the community while welcoming cultural heritage and stuff like; visual arts, literature, drama and or music. Therefore, independent or private boarding schools are an excellent preparatory tool for student life at any university. Students learn to adapt to become independent, sociable and learning technicians in their own individual rights. In the end, students are given a high degree of responsibility for their own progress. Ofsted inspects all private schools in the United Kingdom.

One good thing about enrolling in a course of learning with private and tutorial colleges is that these institutions place plenty of energy and resources on gaining university admissions for you at your chosen universities without any additional costs. They offer everything you need to get a place at a university from English language courses, study skills and academic preparation are highly encouraged. You are also given robust assistance in writing your personal statements and interview skills practise.

Also, some of these institutions offer specialist intensive teaching and exam preparation in the students chosen subject over a short period of time. This may include preparation to retake the A-level exams and eventually gain entrance to higher education.

Many independent UK schools provide you with a choice of National or GCSE before A levels or Scottish qualifications (Higher), including the International BAC.

In addition to providing students and pupils with a world class education while in the UK, they also benefit from learning English from English and practising with English. Learning English culture through interaction remains the best possible way to become a fit in that society.

More than 95% of these independent and privately-operated colleges and schools will provide the Cambridge Pre-University Assessment which is similar to that of Oxford.

Quality Checks And Assurance

There are rigorous quality and assurance checks in place and statutory requirements for independent schools and colleges. There are regular and timely inspections, guarantees and accreditation to make sure students get high quality and up to date teaching methodologies. Quality assurance gives you every reason to study in a UK boarding school.

All institutions offering and or recruiting international students must have a satisfactory inspection or review by one of the designated quality assurance oversight bodies in the UK if they would like to continue to recruit from abroad using a Tier 4 licence.

All private and independent institutions in the UK are registered with the Department for Education and the secretary of state is solely responsible for regulating them. However, as education is devolved in the four countries of the UK, each region may have different regimes in place.

All teachers and lecturers in the United Kingdom are formally qualified with the so-called qualified teacher status (QTS) subject to a formal appraisal after every two years. The purpose is to assist with their professional development and to improve or enhance the quality of teaching methodologies offered to the pupil.



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