Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

How to make a complaint

We love the work we do. We aim always to provide the best customer service but as we may both agree, things do not always come out as we would have wanted. Sometimes we make mistakes, they are never intended, we are all human. If you feel we’ve let you down, we have not stood up to the taste of time, you are feeling hurt, simply not happy the way something is, on behalf of the organisation, we are sorry. But there is a way to handle it.

We treasure and love your feedback. It is through your feedback that we are able to improve on the service we provide to you on a global stage.

Below is what to do if you are not happy with us for one reason or the other.

How do I complain about the service I received?

The first step is to write to us at We will endeavour to resolve the issue as soon as it is received. This is the first thing to do, in case you are not happy with our service.

What type of complaints shall we respond to or seek to resolve?

Under the current climate, we are able to investigate complaints or allegations that relate to poor customer service and or bridge of contract. The service we provide has to be related to allegations before a complaint can be investigated. Examples will include the following:

  • caused unnecessary expenditure and losses
  • you were treated rudely and without respect.
  • Someone was being mean and arrogant to you
  • You did not get value for money
  • failure to submit your documents on time
  • failed to provide specialist advice on visas, university admissions and accommodation updates
  • Failed to keep you updated on progress

Types of complaints we are unable to resolve or handle

We have an investigation and allegations department and they will do their best to respond within a reasonable time frame. Every complaint we receive is looked into and stored for a maximum period of 6 years

  • Not in the scope of our services
  • decisions we have reached after looking into your allegations
  • Has nothing to do with our company
  • You failed to take our specialist advice on board and eventually a complaint has arisen

How much time do I have to make a services related complaint?

Under normal circumstances, you would need to lodge your complaint 6 months from the time it started or as soon as you find out you have grounds for complaint.

However, if you lodge a complaint after 6 months, we may be able to look into it and this is purely based on individual circumstances. We will happily look into the complaints after 6 months provided you have provided enough evidence as to why you were not able to follow company procedures.

However, if you are not within the required 6 month period and still believe your complaint should be looked at, tell us why you were never able to lodge a complaint within the stipulated time frame by emailing:

Where do we go from here? Time for a resolution?

Expect to read from us. Our customer relations team and staff will endeavour to contact you if your complaint requires an early resolution within 15 days from the day it was lodged. However, if more information is needed, we will keep you equally abreast within the same time frame.

Our primary focus as a company is to put things right and try to make sure it never ever happens again. As we work with you to find a solution, we are equally interested in what went wrong and how to avoid the very same situation occurring further.

If you are not happy with the outcome of a particular resolution, you can ask us to look at it again. If we do and you are still not happy, your best approach will be to seek redress from the courts of law and order in the UK.

When can further information be requested during an investigation

If we are unable to provide an early resolution, we will let you know why and the next steps to take in accordance with our investigative scheme. However, if it is deemed that more information is still required, we will write to you requesting the same. At this time, the timeframe to expect to read from us climbs up to 30 days.

All communications will be in English and in writing. We will also try to send out complaint acknowledgement letters within two working days from the day we receive them if you have not been spoken to over the phone by one of our customer service teams.



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