Applying to UK Universities

When to apply to UK Universities As A National or International Student

UK students applying to FE/HE through UCAS must send in their completed applications between 1st September of the year before that in which their course will start and 15th January of the following year. This applies to all UK residents with rights of abode and citizens.

International students can apply between September 1st before then, in which his or her course will start and the 30th of June the following year. However, Oxford and Cambridge universities have different priorities in place

International and local students striving for a place to study Medicine, Veterinary Science, or Dentistry at either Cambridge or Oxford Universities must submit a valid and completed application to UCAS by October 15th, of the year before that which his/their course starts.

You will then have the “Art and Design” route B educational courses where students are required to apply through UCAS between January 1st and March 24th of the year in which your course starts. We advise both international and local students to submit their completed applications by the 7th of March to avoid an unnecessary last-minute rush.

We are working with all universities and colleges within the UK and other international locations that agree to guarantee to consider all applications submitted within their appropriate deadlines. Uni Admissions has always advised its clients to apply well beforehand, which means applying before the 30th of June of the year in which their course is expected to officially begin.

For international students, we advise them to submit a fully completed application, a year before the start of the course. Best practise is to apply one year before the start of the course because of fierce competition. You will be competing amongst the best of the best from around the world. Many universities do reserve quotas for international student enrolment and usually on first come first serve. All these universities are government-controlled and in the Visa and Immigration list of QAA controlled institutions.

Most UK institutions of higher learning have interviews as part of their recruitment processes. However, international students are not expected to attend interviews in person for obvious security, financial, and migration reasons. However, with some of the subjects on offer where an Interview may be required, Skype or Zoom may be used in this aspect.

What to Expect from Uni Admissions UK?

We work with all sorts of students from the UK, EU, and the rest of the international community. We are here to give you a smooth experience and the opportunity to find and enroll in a course that meets your personal aspirations and career goals.

We help students and their families from all over the world who are interested in world class education and the opportunities that come with studying at UK universities. We do not charge a fee for the services we offer. However, we do have a FastTrack route which enables you to jump the queue if that is of interest to you.

We are British Council Agents and Administrators and our job is to help you with as much information and services as needed. Whether you are a UK national or international prospective student, we can help you to enroll in one of the best university courses in the UK and in an institution of your choosing. We can help with the following areas of UK university education and immigration clearance.

Services offered to all prospective UK Students

  • Get any UK national or resident with the right of abode into a university course irrespective of academic qualifications. We will work with you until you obtain student finance for your chosen course and eventually a university degree qualification. All at no cost to you. We won’t be charging you a penny unless you choose to use our Fee Fast Track service
  • Help international students find a course in 1 of 3 universities of their choice (Note UK fees)
  • Work with students to find courses with scholarships for the best-performing students
  • Help in choosing the right course or university for your choice of course(s)
  • Help with current career trends before you start a course
  • No formal qualifications? No problem, we will get you into a university
  • Do not know which subject to study? No problem
  • Help with your personal statement
  • Help with applying for student finances/loans/grants
  • Help in choosing the right course based on your hobbies, interests or career aspirations (the UK only)

Services Offered to International Students/Pupils.

However, all international applicants are expected to hold a minimum of GCE O-Levels or equivalents. University admissions require students to hold A-Levels in many parts of the world, but the UK has a different approach that considers lifestyle experiences, age, hobbies, determination, and career aspirations. The UK is renowned for providing the best quality of education at all ages. We work with International students from the ages of 3-18+

  • Boarding schools in the UK – We will get a suitable school for your child in an independent or private boarding school in the UK. We find school admissions from the ages 3 upward and prepare students for First School, GCSE, GCE, Professional Qualifications, NVQs, A, Levels, and Bac
  • Professional and Under Degree qualifications –
  • Masters/MA/MSc –
  • Doctorate/Ph.D. –
  • Visa Services-
  • Accommodation Services –
  • Airport pickup services (UK)


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