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Uni Admissions empowers college and university students from all corners of the globe to gain college and university admissions into institutions of learning of their individual choices and aspirations at no charge to the prospective student. Uni Admissions works in partnership with the British Council when it comes to education, qualifications, and admissions. Making applications for admission into institutions of higher learning in the developed world can become a daunting task, with limited availability of places and fierce competition from around the world, whether you are looking for a college, professional institution or university that accepts; 

  • adult students without formal qualifications
  • Students with GCE/GCSE
  • Students with A Levels
  • Students with Diplomas
  • Students with a BA/BSc
  • Students with MA/MSc
  • Research proposals

We are more than just college and university admission facilitators. We provide several services specifically targeted to students and their families. Our primary objective is to promote and enhance UK higher education providers due to the advanced nature of her educational advancement and secondly to help International students gain admission with those Top 100 universities in the UK and around the world we work with to advance their educational and career opportunities. 

Our completely personalised free service is for you even when you do not hold any formal qualifications. Speak to us. Qualifications from any of the colleges and universities we work with will give you a competitive edge over your peers with the same qualifications from your own home country in any career.

Below is our team

    Stanley Mathew M

    Certified British Council Education Consultant

      Singh Saira

      CEO - Managing Director

        Erica Shankari

        International Students Admissions Manager

        UK Wide, College, and University Admissions is our primary focus even though we have established partnerships with various colleges, universities and institutions of higher learning around the globe, we can open doors for you in other parts of the world to study GCE/GCSE, A-Levels, Professional courses and a wide range of university-level courses and programmes ranging from;

        • English language courses
        • Foundation courses
        • Undergraduate courses
        • Post Graduate Certificates/Diplomas
        • Masters
        • Research (PhD

        The task of finding information as an international student, filling forms, and responding to queries takes patience, expertise and is supported by better Internet connections. Low Internet connections and even lack of Internet connections resulting from lack of electricity is another major hindrance to timely communications. You can rely on our trust and subject expertise to help you reach your utmost educational desires and at the same time, we adhere to you the International Code of Professionalism and Ethics for Consultants, Agents, and Counsellors’. We are bound by these principles and codes to bring to you and provide responsible business ethics while deploying at all times; current, up to date, accurate, and honest information to both national and international students alike.

        Whether you just have a simple course or admission-related question, or you are interested in finding out which courses or programmes are best for you, our British Council Education certified experts are handy to provide 100% FREE help unless you opt for the fast-track route. Where you are here for GCSE’s, Undergraduate or postgraduate education, they will chat with you and point you in the right direction. It’s worth mentioning that many branded schools are booked up for some years in advance.

        Universities like Cambridge and Oxford, and more offering specialist subjects like medicine, law, art and design, have a distinctive approach beyond the standard UK student recruitment application. Many International students need orientation to prepare them for each institution’s admission process. That is why Uni Admissions is here and at no charge to you. In the current Brexit climate, it has become an educational journey not only for students but equally for their families and universities equally.

        You need to understand that each and every university with extra admission requirements has such roles in place for various reasons. These universities deliver undergraduate and graduate programmes in a very particular way and therefore admitting students who are able to survive and or stand up to such systems and ways become part of the selection process. Some of you are well suitable and qualified and others are not depending on the standards of the school they have come out from. However, Uni Admissions is here to make the process easier and faster for you and at no cost to you.

        The language barrier can also create unnecessary confusion that leads to failure in meeting deadlines. There should be no weaknesses during a college or university admission process and this is where Uni Admissions education experts come in handy. There is support with just about everything regarding educational certificates and higher education to make your experience as smooth as chocolate. Again, you do not have to pay us a dime except when opting for the Fast-track service.

        Whether you are planning on continuing or returning to education to pursue a college certificate or university degree, Uni Admissions is your free service to help land a place in any university or college in the UK, including other culturally civilised technologically advanced nations with whom we work.

        At Uni Admissions, we acknowledge that international students need help with quality education as well as accommodation. There is support at every stage which includes finding suitable accommodation for individual students based on individual needs. We strive to allocate accommodation as close to the university as possible.

        In addition to our free college and university admissions services, we offer fast-track admission processing to willing students and clients. This service allows you to jump the queue and have your admission documents and visa processes dealt with as a matter of urgency and with special care. We have a team of experienced in-house immigration experts who care about your visa, education, and travel itineraries. 

        We will be ready when you are ready. Our pride is to remove bottlenecks and impediments from any immigration process to boost your chances of success through education and travelling to/in the UK. We offer bespoke education-related immigration services for international students, including those already inside the country. You can rely on us for the following services as soon as you are offered a place in any UK Universities;

        • Spouse visa
        • Tier 2 work visa
        • Spouse visa extension
        • Tier 4 visa

        Who qualifies?

        Money talks. We want to know if you can meet tuition and living costs. As an international student in most UK Universities, the costs involved in studying here depends on the category or type of course undertaken. Currently, in a lecturer-led face-to-face classroom room program, the annual tuition fees are approximately £14,100 but if your course requires a laboratory facility then expect to pay in the region of £16,300 and medical and or clinical related courses will stand in the region of £22,000. These estimates are for first-degree courses and lower. Also, you have the cost of living, which comes at the level of £14,000 per year.

        Can you afford the costs mentioned above? If so, then you are the person we want to help. Having excellent or very good grades is very beneficial but not essential. Again, contact us now. Note: The services we bring to you are of no charge to you. It is completely free unless you opt for premium services.



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